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Slimroms rilascia le custom rom Slim6 Stable 2.0 e Slim7 Beta 0.8

Dopo il rilascio di 10 versioni alpha e della Slim6 Stable 1.0, il team Slimroms ha rilasciato nelle scorse ore la custom rom Slim6 Stable 2.0, che viene considerata EOL (end-of-life) finché Google non rilascerà altri aggiornamenti di sicurezza per Marshmallow.

Oltre alla Slim6 Stable 2.0, è stata rilasciata anche la settima versione della Slim7, basata su Android 7.1 Nougat. Da questa settimana la rom passa dallo stato alpha a Beta.

Vediamo allora tutte le novità incluse nelle custom rom Slim6 Stable 2.0 e Slim7 Beta 0.8:

Changes and Fixes (Slim6)

  • Translation updates
  • vendor/slim: Update for 2.0 stable

Device-specific (Slim6)

  • device/htc/m7: Update radio access family list
  • device/htc/m7-common: Updates for VoIP and audio
  • device/htc/m8: Remove Enhanced NFC feature and clean up makefiles
  • device/htc/msm8960-common: General fixes and updates
  • device/htc/msm8974-common: lower resolution on boot animation
  • device/samsung/espressowifi: Use common SGX KM build target
  • kernel/htc/msm8960: Numerous updates and fixes
  • kernel/htc/msm8974: Numerous updates and fixes
  • kernel/htc/msm8994: Fixes for MTP mode and LineageOS rebranding

Known Bugs (Slim6)

  • d2: usb tethering doesnt work
  • espresso: Audio stutter in some games. Grey pictures on 2.4 megapixel (16:9)
  • espresso3g: bt headsets are partially broken

Changes and Fixes (Slim7)

  • Fix SlimRecents postition at opening
  • Fix button placing for SlimRecents
  • Add vector graphic for Screen Pinning
  • Fix ColorPicker
  • Merge initial OMS support
  • Fix for actions not working when long-pressing back button on Navbar
  • Fix for Battery Circle background issues with light status bar
  • Fix for SlimRecents topmost switch not properly working
  • build: Add slim framework for static libraries
  • frameworks/base: Numerous updates and fixes
  • frameworks/opt/slim: Several updates and fixes
  • packages/apps/Dialer: Automatic translation import
  • packages/apps/Settings: New slim framework package name and automatic translation import
  • packages/apps/SlimLauncher: Automatic translation import and merge android-7.1.1_r13
  • packages/apps/Snap: Fix camera control rotation issues, other fixes
  • packages/services/Telephony: New slim framework package name and automatic translation import
  • system/sepolicy: domain: Create a dummy domain for qc’s rmt and let it access /dev/mem
  • vendor/slim: config: Remove obsolete props, Update to 0.8 Beta

Device-specific (Slim7)

  • device/oneplus/oneplus2: updates to GPS, other fixes
  • device/oppo/common: General updates and fixes
  • device/motorola/msm8916-common: Updates to BoardConfig, Use BOARD_HAVE_QCOM_FM flag
  • device/motorola/shamu: Numerous updates and fixes
  • device/motorola/surnia: Don’t replace apn list on CDMA devices
  • device/qcom/common: add msm8952 blobs
  • device/xiaomi/msm8956-common: Add BOARD_HAVE_QCOM_FM flag
  • kernel/oneplus/msm8994: Upstream from LineageOS
  • kernel/xiaomi/msm8956: Fix build error, upstream from LineageOS 

Questi i vari link per ulteriori informazioni e per procedere all’installazione della Slim6 e/o (per i dispositivi supportati) della Slim7: