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MCR r8 per HTC Desire

Rilasciata oggi da Paul O’Brien (Modaco) la MCR r8 per HTC Desire, basata sull’ultimo aggiornamento a Froyo 2.2.

Ecco le sue features:

  • Based on the 2.09.x.x ROM series (FRF91)
  • Pre-rooted with su and Superuser Permissions 2.3.4 by ChainsDD
  • Built, tweaked and massaged with the MCR build process which reduces the size and boosts the speed of the ROM
  • Patched ‘Rosie’ (Sense) to allow click-drag homescreen rearrange when pinch-zoomed out
  • busybox with Droid Explorer support
  • MCR version displayed in ‘About’ screen
  • terminfo and settings in boot.img to allow nano etc. use
  • Updated Google Maps
  • Updated Facebook
  • Updated Google Search Widget
  • Updated emoticon set to fix low resolution ‘embarrassed’ emoticon
  • Updated Flashlight which now becomes ‘Torch’ for non en-US configuration. Also added requested German translation.
  • Added ‘Genie’ News and Weather app / widget option
  • Added stock Clock application
  • Added stock Gallery 3D option
  • Added stock Keyboard option
  • Added stock MMS app option
  • Added Voice Dialer option
  • Added Voice Search with Voice Actions
  • Added Stock Launcher2 with Phone app fix (particularly useful if you choose to remove Rosie / Sense!)
  • Added option to use stock lock screen instead of HTC version
  • Added OpenVPN components (including tun.ko)
  • Added option to disable ‘vibrate on shutdown’ in the kitchen
  • Added option to disable IPv6 in the kitchen
  • Added option to disable perflock in the kitchen
  • Added option to disable ‘Menu button unlock’ in the kitchen
  • Added New and exclusive Sense widgets – Battery / Call Mom / Coin Flip / Dice / Fortune Cookie / Note / Quick Recorder / Sand Timer / Tip Calculator / Today In History
  • Added 802.11N/no N/low power in sleep options in the kitchen
  • Added MCR Boot Animation (stock and N1 as options)
  • Added Google Car Home
  • Added Stock Android email app
  • Added HTC_IME mod v27 by jonasl
  • Added Maps mod 4.4.0 by squrl
  • Added Gmail 2.2.1 added
  • Slimmed Customize dir, additional locales added
  • Removed bootsound (can be restored via the online kitchen)
  • Optional A2SD via the online kitchen, including A2SD+
  • Optional AdFree modified for Desire
  • Optional Jbed Java
  • Optional ROM Manager
  • Optional Titanium Backup
  • Optional Wavesecure via the online kitchen (installed to system partition for maximum security)
  • Optional WiFi Status indicator
  • Optional Trackball Wake
  • Optional radio
  • Removed ‘Learn More’ icon
  • WiFi 11n patch
  • More stuff i’ve probably forgotten

La potete trovare QUI, anche con la  Kitchen-online.

La ROM verrà a breve anche ovviamente adattata al NEXUS ONE.