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ICS per la gamma Optimus 2011 sentiamo cosa dice LG Indonesia

Sembra proprio che siamo arrivati alla fine della telenovela made in LG. Dall’indonesia arriva quello che dovrebbe essere il cange log ufficiale di Ice Cream Sandwich per la gamma Optimus 2011 e in particolare per :

LG Optimus Black, LG Optimus 2x, LG Lucid, LG Optimus LTE, LG Optimus 3D, LG Prada, LG Optimus VU, LG Nitro HD, LG Spectrum.

  • atest LG UI (3.0 Optimus UI).
  • fixes bug in previous versions, as well as new features.
  • Display interface Optimus UI 3.0 brings several new features,including .
  • a new lock screen(with shortcuts and new gesture, plus a look underneath, and face unlock).
  • quick memo (write on your screen wherever you want ).
  • new gallery ics.
  • new notification.
  • task manager ics .
  • 4 new themes (with wallpaper, icons, a different menu structure).
  • 12 new fonts, icon changer (picture may be the app icon),
  • new music player.
  • equalizer manual control.
  • voice capture (photo just say “cheese”.
  • 14 new home screen transition effect.
  • new widgets ics style.
  • adding bitrate video recording (720p only 7Mbps who first kept so 9Mbps, which first 1080p 16mbps 10mbps now).
  • fixes bug camera (focus, time capture, white balance).
  • fixes a bug in the current battery standby.
  • new app called “home media” (a type of application for enjoying photos / videos / music, but only for Optimus vu / Lte / nitro HD).
  • upgraded browser (no night mode feature for battery saving).
  • improved performance, better ram a management.
  • look more simple (there are 2 color options menu, white and black ,or grey and brown).
  • update for Optimus 3d 3d feature (DSLR shot, ruler tag, 3d macro, manual focus, zooming while recording).
  • the addition of video and photo 3d for Optimus 3d (from national geographic world music concerts n 3d).
  • new game called “Archer Craft” Made by LG for Optimus 3d (3d version) 2x and lucid sol,
  • new exclusive ringtone composed by Ennio Morricone.
  • new gesture feature for Optimus black.
  • movie editor v1.7 version for Optimus Lte / nitro HD / vu, vu Optimus create a new app just use the stylus for photo editing).
  • new cartoon themes for Optimus 3d.
  • auto repair brightness on Optimus black.
  • new features in the video player for Optimus nitro / Lte / vu (that is fast / slow motion, live zooming, thumbnails seek, additional audio), n many new.

Come potete vedere la lista delle cose che verranno inserite è davvero chilometrica. Non resta che aspettare il comunicato ufficiale anche da LG Italia che ancora non si espressa in merito. Quanti di voi hanno resistito fino ad oggi con almeno uno di questi Smartphone?

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