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AutoCAD ws per Android: materiale ufficiale

Scritto quello che era fra un rumor e una dichiarazione ecco tutte le immagini e le dichiarazioni ufficiali di Autodesk per AutoCAD ws per Android.

Ecco le caratteristiche, alcune delle quali anticipate poco fa

  • Applicazione supportata da device 2.1 e superiori
  • Supporto a gestione di versioni precedenti di progetti con Timeline dello sviluppo dei file
  • Collaborazione real-time cross-platform tra OS differenti grazie l’app, la web app e il plugin per AutoCAD
  • Lingue disponibili: inglese, cinese, francese, tedesco, italiano, giapponese, coreano, portoghese e spagnolo
  • Sarà gratuita
  • Lancio il 20 aprile, countdown al link http://autode.sk/acad_ws_android

Di seguito il teaser ufficiale e la galleria


Di seguito il video con le caratteristiche introdotte nella versione 1.2 di AutoCAD ws che lo rendono al pari del programma per desktop


e sulle lingue disponibili


A seguire la press release ufficiale

Autodesk Brings AutoCAD WS Mobile App to Android

SANRAFAEL, Calif., April 12, 2011 – Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADSK), a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software, announced the availability of the AutoCAD WS mobile application on the Android platform. A free* web and mobile application, AutoCAD WS uses cloud computing technology to enable Autodesk software users to view, edit and share their designs through web browsers and mobile devices.

AutoCAD WS for Android enables an expanded group of users to enjoy the benefits of effortless collaboration with architects, designers and engineers from anywhere in the world and experience the freedom of taking designs with them–wherever they go.

“Architects, engineers and designers have clearly communicated that they want access to their AutoCAD projects on their Android devices and we are more than happy to meet their needs. The impressive and consistent growth of the Android ecosystem serves as an excellent platform for Autodesk to further expand its accessibility through AutoCAD WS,” said Tal Weiss, AutoCAD WS software development manager, Autodesk.  “Now our customers with Android smartphones and tablets can use AutoCAD WS to collaborate with colleagues in the field, and across the globe, on a wider variety of mobile devices.”

Users of AutoCAD WS for Android will enjoy features such as a simplified, intuitive set of viewing, editing, and markup tools so users can work on their designs while on the go. Users can open drawings from email attachments, sync files from the web, or upload drawings directly from AutoCAD software through the integrated online tab. Drawings can also be saved locally for use in the field when an Internet connection is unavailable.

One feature unique to Android version of AutoCAD WS is the text annotation tool supports integrated voice commands available on devices running Android 2.2 (Froyo) or above.  Now Android users can insert comments and notations on a drawing simply by speaking rather than typing them into the text edit box.

Additional feature enhancements that are available with this release include:

  • Plot to PDF (web app only): Users can publish their DWG drawing to PDF using the free AutoCAD WS web application just as they would withAutoCAD software.
  • Anywhere Storage (web and mobile apps): In addition to the AutoCAD WS cloud, customers can now connect directly to alternate storage folders from their Android, iPad and iPhone devices, as well as through the AutoCAD WS web application. This currently includes: the Autodesk Buzzsaw service, Dropbox (through DropDAV), Microsoft SharePoint, Windows Server 2008, Box.net, MobileMe, and Egnyte, and other cloud storage providers who support the WebDAV protocol.

Availability: AutoCAD WS for Android will be available for download on the Android Market beginning April 20, 2011. Register and find out as soon as the download is available.

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